You're in Good Hands

In a service industry such as ours we know that we are only as good as our people. For this reason we only employ people who share our business values and it is to this that we attribute our success and growth. Our open culture and mutual respect is what customers feel when they deal with A-ha!

Elaine Rengers-leaflet-distribution

Elaine Rengers


Elaine is very involved in the day to day running of the business and supporting the staff. Her particular area of expertise is the logistics side of the business, planning the rounds and ensuring that they are merchandised on time, every time. In her spare time Elaine likes to play tennis and take care of her large garden, often giving the staff home grown produce.

Tom Glaister- leaflet-cumbria tourism

Tom Glaister


Tom is the first point of contact for all North East based customers.  He was heavily involved in initiating the very popular ‘Street Culture’ round and has helped to evolve the every growing network of new and exciting distribution points across the North East.
Tom is interested in classic cars. If he won the lottery he would buy a V12 e-type Jaguar in primrose yellow!

Stuart Sowerby- kirbystephen-tourism

Stuart Sowerby

Senior NW Merchandiser and Warehouse Supervisor

Stuart supports the North West merchandising team as well as having responsibility for his own rounds and ensuring the Kendal warehouse is kept in excellent order with all stock clearly marked and counted at the end of every month.
In his spare time Stuart says he likes to do as little as possible!  However, he does enjoy some gentle walks and meals out with his wife.

Kirsty Martindale- cumbria-leaflets

Kirsty Martindale


Kirsty works closely with Elaine and Michael on planning and logistics. She ensures that once leaflets have been delivered into either warehouse they are booked onto the selected rounds and are uploaded onto the customer ordering website. She prepares and processes the merchandiser's paperwork and photographs, processes customer requests and website orders, monitors stock levels and produces customer distribution reports which are an essential part of the A-ha! customer package.
Kirsty has three small children, so has no free time! One day she would like to finish decorating her house and planting her garden!

The North West Merchandising Team

David Hewkin- cumbria-leaflets

David Hewkin

The North East Merchandising Team

Malcolm Muter- North East-Leaflets

Malcolm Muter

Kenny Brown-Angel-of-the-North

Kenny Brown

Paul Jones-Angel-of-the-north

Paul Jones