What We Do

We have a variety of outlets hosting our branded dispensers in locations that attract both visitors and residents, many of them exclusive to A-ha!
Including, but not exhaustively:

We service our dispensers on a regular set frequency from weekly to quarterly, depending on the footfall of the outlets on a particular round, and the speed with which the leaflets are picked up. Ours is a very structured and transparent system with our merchandisers having a list of leaflets to be put in each rack they visit. Once the rack has been serviced they take a photograph so that we have a record of each visit. We do a monthly stock check of our warehouse so that our customers always know the level of outflow.


We are very proud of the level of organisation that goes into our warehouse!
Each leaflet is labelled and racked alphabetically which allows us to quickly and accurately pick stock and ensures that our monthly stock-take is accurate. Close stock management allows us to report the effectiveness of a leaflet campaign to a customer and gives us the flexibility to adjust the outflow of a leaflet through our rounds to accommodate heavy or light pick up rates. This ensures that our customers gets the most from their leaflet campaigns.

Value Added with A-ha!

Value added is a rather clichéd term we know. However in all seriousness you get a whole lot with A-ha!, so much so that we believe our service is in another league!

Here are a few processes and procedures that help us provide such a quality service;

Leaflet distribution Planning_board_.1.jpg tourism leaflet van_audit_328d1d90432e1032dc.jpg leaflet distribution rack auditing
Planning Board Daily Van Auditing Individual Rack Auditing